Futures Thinking

for Development Teams

A brief training how to use future uncertainty as an open space for innovation


From pandemics and climate change to political instabilities and technological disruptions, the world is changing rapidly and it is becoming increasingly difficult to understand what is going on and what these changes could mean. Development teams are part of these changes and are expected to develop technologies, products and services that are needed in the world of tomorrow. Though often without considering the many possible futures their developments could or could not exist in.

Whether you are an engineer, designer, manager or perform another role in development, this training introduces you the mindset and methodology to engage with the changes that surround you and your team. It supports you to develop innovative technologies, products and services that will not just exist in the world of tomorrow, but create it. The training enables you to act instead of just reacting by using the uncertainty of the future as an open space for innovation.


English or German

6 hours

Group Size:
1-6 people

No prior knowledge required



Reflecting Assumptions

Most developments are driven by implicit assumptions about the future. This module supports you to step back from these assumptions. You will learn how to reflect the visions that drive developments in your industry and filter which of them really matter for your organization.

Constructing Scenarios

Organizations are increasingly confronted with uncertainty and change. In this module you will learn how to better understand the environment of your organization and construct scenarios of possible futures of your industry as well as your products and services.

Creating Possibilities

This module supports you to identify opportunities for innovation. For that you will learn how to locate yourself within the constructed futures, envision development possibilities and draft strategies to reach more desirable conditions.


Why should our team attend this training?

Our world is under increasing pressure and development teams have the power and responsibility to build technologies, products and services for the challenging times that lie ahead of us. The skills learned in this training support you to do exactly that.

What can we expect from the training?

We will dive into theories and methodologies of futures thinking and apply them directly to cases that are of interest for your organization. Furthermore, we will also look into the possibilities to embed the learned capabilities within your work environment. This gives you a fast, inexpensive and reliable indication of whether futures thinking is an approach you want to continue working with or not.

What is futures thinking?

Futures thinking is the ability to dynamically act when change occurs and engage with the future in a more conscious and systematic way. It makes individuals and organizations more resilient and capable of acting. A skill everyone and especially every development team needs considering the many emerging challenges in the 21st century.